Monday, April 13, 2009

From The Attic To The Stage - The Tale of the Rhodes, Part III

On Easter, we celebrated the resurrection of our Saviour and Lord. The week before, I was able to celebrate an admittedly MUCH more minor resurrection, but pretty cool nonetheless. The "patient" in question sat in my sister-in-law's attic for years, in my garage for months, went to my brother's studio, to a storage room at Buckhead Church, to the apparently genius Rhodes repair guy, and finally here:

This is the stage at Connection Church, a new church starting up in Suwanee, GA that my brother Danny is putting together the music for nowadays. What you see him playing is that creaky old Fender Rhodes electric piano, repaired and sounding amazing, in all its retro-vibe-y glory. Danny tells me that among other things, the repair man had to unstick several keys, replace quite a few pickups, and generally bring it back from the dead. For your further enjoyment and education, here are a couple more pics of the Rhodes in action:

Ready and Rarin' to Go

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to read "The Tale of the Rhodes" from the beginning, start here: Part 1, and then Part Deux.

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  1. Hey. That's me. And, yes, that Rhodes rules. Cool post, dude.