Saturday, September 20, 2008

Locked and Load....ING.

This post is for David, an old friend who recently reconnected with me via ye olde interwebs. He's probably the first person outside of immediate family to actually read the entire contents of this blog so far.

Well, David let me know that I probably didn't make it clear that we actually HAVE sold our house. The 15-day due diligence period passed on August 31st, and we are locked in for a closing date of October 24th.

Until then, we're loading all our stuff into boxes, bit by bit, and putting it all in storage. That's because we haven't actually bought our NEW house yet. We're going to stay with Jamie's parents up in Jackson county for a month or two to save as much money as possible to make sure we have a good down payment before we get our new house. We're still hoping to buy the original house that was built "for us". As of now, it's still out there, finished, on the market. We just need to get our dough together to get it paid for.

That's about it. We'll let you know more as it develops.