Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Tale of the Rhodes, Part Deux

I visited my brother at his studio last night. I was there to try to take a look at that Rhodes electric piano to see if I could do anything to make it properly output sound. Not much, it seems. It looks like the volume/tone pots on it may be shot, since pretty much no sound comes of out it when we plug an amp into it. However, we got some sound when we bypassed the volume pots and went directly into the connector from the sound pickups. It was still pretty weak and noisy, tho.

There's a little board on the other side of the piano that has a capacitor on it, and when we futzed with it, we could get a little improvement (and more noise) from the volume level coming from the piano. I did my best to try to clean up some solder joints there, and it seemed to help a little bit, but not enough. Danny's gonna try to get the pots and 2 capacitors out of there and take 'em to an electronics parts house to get replacements.

The studio is pretty well equipped, and there were people there doing some recording last night, so I didn't want to get in the way too much. Here's a pic of the control room with Danny "at the helm", and another shot of the same room with Danny's business partner, Dan Hannon, working out some obscure musical detail with some of their clients in the studio. (Sorry about the picture quality - we're talking about a VGA-level (LESS than 1 megapixel) cell phone camera here.)

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