Monday, February 18, 2008

OK, here goes...

So, I'm posting on my own blog for the first time. Heck, who knows, it may be the last. I guess I got inspired from reading other people's blogs and seeing that sometimes random thoughts or scenes of everyday life are sometimes inspiring to others. From time to time, if I am again inspired, I'll jot something down here. It may be completely mundane. It may be life-changing. It may be frivolous. It may be serious. It may be worthless to anyone but me. It may be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Who knows? If I don't give it a try, maybe I'll never know...


  1. Darling, Whatever you have to say will mean the world to me!

  2. yeah, me too. Although I'm not related to you. I'm merely an internet surfer who stumbled upon site and have been riveted by it's beautiful simplicity. Or....I'm you're brother.

  3. dang! i misused it's. and that's even a pet peeve of mine! should've been its.

  4. Bah hah! You misused "you're" too...

    YOUR Brother,

  5. dang. another pet peeve! what's wrong with me?

  6. Aha!! So the "grammar corrector" gets corrected himself. This is the fellow (Danny) who corrected my grammar one day when he was about 12 or 13 and I commented, "Danny, I don't know what I'd do without you to correct my grammar". To this he replied, "Well, Mom, sometimes I just let you slide right by". Ha!!

    Anyway, I, too, stumbled upon this site and I do love it!!

    Love you guys, too.


  7. welcome to the blogging world!

    and danny, seriously, what is wrong with you?