Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What I want for my birthday

"Grass...and a book!" That's what one of my nieces asked for for Christmas a couple of years ago, when she was just barely talking. She got just that: A small box with some grass harvested from the yard, and a book. When she opened the box Christmas morning, she was completely over the moon. She had to show EVERYONE her box of grass and her book. She talked about it for weeks afterward, and as far as I know, she still has both.

My 42nd birthday is coming up soon, on September the 1st. Everyone who knows me knows I am a big kid, and I have plenty of toys: Hi-def TV, Wii, Computer, smartphone, iPod....Lord knows I don't need anything.

People in the impoverished nation of Ethiopia have next to nothing. They die regularly of disease from water-borne illnesses that come from brackish water that they and their children must walk miles to haul every day, not to mention the lack of water for crops to feed themselves properly.

So, what I want for my birthday this year is for everyone I know to click on this graphic:

and donate 1$ for every year of my life on this planet. This charity comes from one man's visit to Ethiopia, what he saw, and how he decided that, as one man, he could help. Take a look at the video, go to my birthday site, and donate. That'll be a happy birthday to me.

The September Campaign Trailer from charity: water on Vimeo.


  1. You are so kind, giving and generous!

    Just a few of the many reasons why I love you and married you!

    I WILL definitely donate in your name!


  2. I agree with Jamie. I know you're not doing it for props, but I'm giving them anyway. This is gonna rock.

  3. Happy birthday,my son. I love you.


    PS We donated in your name