Monday, August 4, 2008

11 Days

Walking into the gates at the Braves game on Saturday, I got a call on my cell phone. A realtor wanted to show my house. This was kind of bad, because we hadn't made the house perfectly spiffy for showing that morning -- the bed was unmade, etc. It was good, though, too, because this meant that our realty company had done what we had asked them to do -- that is, ask realtors who want to show our house to actually SPEAK to us on the phone before showing it, rather than just leaving a message and going on in.

We decided to go ahead and let the realtor show the house, giving our apologies that it wasn't in prime shape for showing. She assured us that it was OK -- her clients were more interested in seeing the layout of the house in general than its presentability. We didn't hear anything back from the realtor for the rest of the day, as is usual. But she DID call the next day, saying her clients wanted to see the house again on Sunday afternoon. This time we got it all spiffy and left the house to eat a late lunch and run some errands.

We ended up at Ryan & Cathlyn's (Jamie's brother and wife) to hang out for a bit that evening, and on a whim I decided to check messages at home. Behold, a message from the realtor! I called back and spoke to her. It turns out her clients were interested in our house, in large part because of the bonus room that we had just completed finishing the drywall on. They had seen ours and one other they were interested in, but were leaning towards ours. Her clients were moving into town from the Southwest, soon, and wanted to know if we could get it finished in time for them to see it when they returned. At that time they would be fully moved into their temporary apartment, and would be ready to make serious offers if they still liked what they saw.

The catch? They will be back in 11 days. That's right. We have 11 days to prime, paint, get trim work primed, painted and installed, finish the stairs, and have the room carpeted and buttoned up for them to see.

11 days. A strong possibility of an offer, and a lot of work to do between now and then. Pray for us, our stamina, and the family moving in from those many miles away that everything come together and make this happen! Stay tuned, faithful readers (all 3 of you!)


  1. Dude, that's awesome. Fingers are crossed. this is a slammed week, but I'm happy to come help whenever I can.

  2. Make that 4 readers! I want to borrow the 6 hour BBC thing. But I can wait...since you have more pressing issues. :)