Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not bad news...but not good, either.

After finally getting ahold of the salesman at our builder, we What's not bad is that they haven't rejected the idea of renegotiating the price on our new home. What's not good is that they haven't really given any real thought to it. That is because the folks in the ivory tower of the company headquarters of our builder has unilaterally decided to pretty much cancel any contingency contracts.

What that means for us is this: Once our new house is complete, we can either buy it right then and there (which we can't do at all if our house isn't sold yet at that point), or we release it -- which means they can sell it to whomever they'd like. It doesn't necessarily mean that we won't be able to get it. Our salesman isn't going to purposely point people to the house we had customized for US try to get them to take it out from under us, but if someone DOES really want it, and they have the money, they can buy it.

If we have to release it, then we can start fresh with a brand new contract and negotiate a brand-new price. (Of course, if we buy it once it's built, we'll still renegotiate the price anyway).
If someone else buys it, we can always have the builder build another one exactly the same on another lot in the neighborhood. In any case, the bottom line is we just have to "let it ride" and see how things fall out. A lot depends on if we sell our house and how soon. It's OK I guess, but things just keep working out so that we still have to wait to see the final conclusion, and that gets frustrating. Maybe that's God's way of pushing us to wait on his timing. I'd like to think so.

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  1. Hang in there, doggie. Missed you at Browns today.