Friday, June 20, 2008

Coffee Talk

Last night Jamie & I went ITP (That's "Inside The Perimeter" for those who don't live in Atlanta) to Smith's Olde Bar. No, we weren't going bar-hopping on a Thursday night. We went to see the amazing Meghan Coffee, who was doing a release-party concert for her new CD, "Songs To Sail By".

To say she was great would be an understatement. She's funny, refreshlingly honest, and enormously talented. Her songs were moving, her lyrics intriguing, and her band, as my brother would say, was "stupid ridiculous". Here's my "artistic" shot of Meghan doing her thing. Nice impressionist-painting effect on that picture, right? Nah. Just a bad cell phone camera in a dark room.


  1. Meghan was indeed everything you said honey! She was fabulous!

  2. My bro speaks truth. Great show!