Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An unexpected advocate of creationism

What you see above is the trailer for the upcoming documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed by, of all people, Ben Stein.

Now, if you don't recognize that name, maybe you'll recognize this:

Yep. THAT Ben Stein. That would be the last person I would expect to see doing a documentary about Creationism vs. Evolution, but I for one am pumped to see this. I'll probably have to wait for it to come out on DVD, but it'll be on my Netflix list as soon as its available.


  1. I just watched a trailer for the movie "Expelled." This is fascinating. I am often stunned at the apathy of our country as we sit by and bemoan the loss of our rights. Then I zero in on my own lack of action. I am so busy homeschooling my kids, taking care of our home, meeting the needs of those in my immediate path. How much thought do I give to preserving truth? I struggle with that sometimes. This movie and the Speechless series, are showing up at a needed time.

  2. I just watched that trailer, too. God help us here in America and thank God for someone who is willing to take a stand.