Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Smalltown Poets - The Sublime to the Ridiculous

Just for fun today I did a search on YouTube with the word "Smalltown Poets". You never know what you're gonna find. For example, here's a pretty neat acapella arrangement of the song "I'll Give" from the Poet's eponymous debut album:

Then again, there's this:

I'm quite sure that when my dad wrote the poem that became the lyrics to "One Of These Days" (from the Poets' "Listen Closely"), and when Danny wrote the song and subsequently recorded it in one continous take (that's right folks, no edits on that particular song), he never envisioned it as the soundtrack to an anime sci/fi fantasy cartoon...


  1. Hey! I love Smalltown Poets and I was only experimenting with my movie maker. The clips are from a video game called Tales of Symphonia. I like expressing my Faith in creative ways and again, I was just experimenting. I love this song, its very moving.

  2. I meant no offense, friend...it IS a nice bit of creative work. It just struck me as a little surreal the first time I saw it. :)