Monday, March 22, 2010

My thoughts on the healthcare bill and politics in general

I recently commented on a post on Facebook about the debate on the healthcare bill and the prayers of praise and woe being offered up left and right on the social networking site in recent days. I think this sums up pretty much how I feel about politics and government. It's a passionate diatribe, so, mom, if you read this, pardon my "french". Read, and please comment. I'd love to hear people's reactions to this.

I'm just damn tired of everyone being so self-righteous, both conservative and liberal. I disagree with the particulars of this bill, that not in the morality or sense of fixing healthcare, which is obviously broken. The truth is that law by its definition DOES legislate morality. The question is whose morality does it legislate. I think the best is actually a mixture of liberal and conservative ideas. I believe that we can do some things to help those who cannot help themselves, but not at the expense of damaging those who DO help themselves, AND others. I believe that children, including the unborn and the forgotten, should be cherished. I believe that our elders should be respected and paid back for what they have given to society. I believe that unrestrained greed kills. I believe that unrestrained government does too. Far lefties will call me a "neo-con", far righties will call me "soft". I will continue as I am. Give me a reasoned argument, a workable idea, that doesn't hurt as much as it helps, I'm a reasonable guy. I can listen. Let us all listen to each other. That's the only way to get anything worthwhile accomplished at all.


  1. Well said, Hon. (I just read right past that "word").

    Love you


  2. I am a big fan of reasoned argument and workable ideas that help more than harm. I certainly hope this bill contains some of those ideas. What disturbs me about the current situation is that there are too many rabble rousers working people into such a panic that they can't think logically. They just start screaming. And the response to them has been weak: "We'll tell you what's in it once it passes." How could they expect anyone to go for that?

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  4. Rich this is beautifully said, as usual!
    One of the many reasons I love you is that you know what you believe and say so and live it! Yet, you listen to others' ideas/opinions and are open to them.
    You make this "far righty" realize she is not so "far right" after all and for that I love you too!

  5. Yesterday's Fresh Air on NPR addressed some of this. I think you'd find the podcast interesting. The website is

    I think it's really important for the voice of reason to be heard right now. There are probably a few Tim McVeigh's out there getting lots of ideas.