Friday, October 31, 2008

Campaigning at the polls?

While standing in line outside of the polling place for advanced voting yesterday, we had a bit of entertainment. Starting from miles away, we saw what looked a parasail lazily floating hundreds of feet above the trees. It soon started to come our way, where it eventually started circling the parking lot where we stood in line. I got this picture with my sorry phone camera, so it seems like he was very far away, but he was only a couple hundred feet up at the most at this point:

The parasail was actually a three-wheeled, gas-engine powered ultralight aircraft, with a parasail for a wing. Folks remarked how uncomfortable he must be up there, with the engine buzzing like an insane mosquito, and the temperatures quickly dropping with the sun.

He turned toward the line near us, dropping to just 50 feet or so above the treetops, and as he passed, he shouted: "VOTE McCAIN-PALIN!!!!".

So, go vote. You never know what entertainment you might get.


  1. Keep it real. You're the guy in the picture, aren't you?

  2. Cool ultralight aircraft! and.....GO McCAIN/PALIN!!!